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Ed’s feedback on essays and interviews was always detailed and on the point. Ed’s seminars gave me a lot of information and insight into MBA schools and the application process. Most importantly, Ed is a very nice person and always supportive of applicants. I enjoyed working with him throughout my application journey!
(Yuta Miki / Stanford GSB Class of 2023)

Ed is known for his long experience of helping many applicants enter into top business schools, based on which he provides edits suited for each school’s characteristics. What I’m most grateful to him for is that he was always nice, kind, and approachable; that was a great support for me during the stressful application process. He patiently worked with me until I’m sure my essay was the best version possible.
(Investment Banking / HBS Class of 2024)

Edo had been the North Star for me. He provided me with a clear and strong guideline in my long application journey. Ed asked me questions that got to the heart of the matter! Some of the questions were difficult, but having practiced them, I was able to go into the actual interview with confidence.
(Lawyer / LBS Class of 2023)

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Among various elements such as high quality and speed of work, I'd like to highlight that Ed focuses on each applicant's strengths and lets them shine in their MBA applications. During his consultation, I started to see my career more positively and could build confidence in my MBA application. I believe he is truly passionate about helping applicants pursue and achieve their own career goal.
(Kyohei Ishikawa / Booth MBA/MSCS Class of 2023, Distinguished Fellows Award Winner)

Ed always helped me figure out essential parts of my applications. His “inside-out” style fitted well with me. For example, he organized events where fellow admits and I analyzed and learned from various styles of past essays. Also, during interview preparation, he always asked me questions like “what are your edges?” or “where will you raise your hand in the MBA classroom?” Those were valuable to prioritize and narrow down my strengths or unique perspectives, especially for a fast-paced HBS interview. Since he taught me many valuable things which apply to my coming MBA journey and beyond, for me, he is not just a counselor but mentor and made me enjoy my application process as the self-discovery process and opportunity to hone my strength and leadership.
(Manufacturing HBS Class of 2024)

Objective and logical advice with the right points and information. You’ll lose sight because knowing yourself, learning schools, and matching those are intimidating and tough. So, his advice always lifted my face up and made me see things at a high level. Rich information was also strong to match myself with each school trait.
(Hiro Sera / Energy / MIT Sloan Fellows Class of 2022)

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I really appreciate how Ed responded so quickly. Every time I had a question, Ed replied to me in a timely manner, so I never had to waste a huge amount of time thinking how I should proceed with the application process.
(Digital Marketing / MIT MBA Class of 2023)

When one interview suddenly got scheduled two days later, he even advised me about my interview script at midnight.
(Investment Banking / HBS Class of 2024)

Without your support, I could not manage the process! Your comments were so helpful! Your response speed was outstanding!
(Investment Banking / LBS Class of 2023)

I appreciate essay counseling the most. Firstly, you did not compromise the contents and logic of the essay and gave me them even at an early stage through your original form, so that I could correct the strategy before I write whole essays. As I experienced the tough conversation in your original form, it was surprisingly not difficult to write my essays within a short term, about two-weeks. I thought it was almost a miracle. Secondly, your flexible attitude to answer my questions helped me so many times because I had not enough time to prepare complete products. Your concise but kind comments were really helpful. Finally, your quick response enabled me to write all of the ten detailed essays within a short period. I am deeply grateful for your willingness to support me to submit my essay by the 2nd round deadline. I took 4 to 5 interview trainings, customized for each school.Thanks to your advice, I could take the interviews with a relaxed and confident attitude. Without your service, I would have taken another 3 years to reach my dream school. You gave me a simplified but strong strategy to overcome hurdles that many Japanese students confront through the essay writing and interviewing process. I am not a fluent English speaker but I had no stress when I talked with you in English, which gave me a kind of self-confidence to speak with native speakers. Your warm but stringent advice is the treasure of my life.
(Banking / Cambridge MBA Class of 2022)

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