Edogijuku Services

As a trusted partner, Edogijuku provides the highest quality, personal and flexible MBA, Graduate School, and Career Counseling service.

  • Career Advice
  • Self-assessment
  • Strategic Planning & Scheduling
  • Coaching for Resumes, Application Forms, & Essays
  • Advice for Recommendation Letters
  • Interview and Video Essay Training
  • Discussions and Presentations Seminars

Services & Pricing

Edogijuku Offers Flexible Services

Edogijuku offers flexible services and pricing customized to fit each client’s needs. Like the airlines, prices rise during the peak season. Take advantage of the flexibility! 

First Free Evaluation

*Only 1 time from Feb-Aug
Place: Online
Time: -
Fee: Free
With Tax: Free

Strategic Assesment

*Only 1 time from Feb-Aug
Place: Online
Time: 60 minutes
Fee: 9,090 YEN
With Tax: 10,000 YEN

Seminars / Discussions

*½ price for package members
Place: Online
Time: Varies

Fee: 9,090 YEN
With Tax: 10,000 YEN

One to One Counseling

*Standard rate Mar. 16-Sept 1
*In first round Sept.1-Nov 30
*In peak season Dec. 1-Mar 15
Place: Online
Time: 60 minutes

[Standard Rate]
Fee: 27,000 YEN
With Tax: 29,700 YEN

[In First Round]
Fee: 28,000 YEN
With Tax: 30,800 YEN

[In Peak Season]
Fee: 33,000 YEN
With Tax: 36,300 YEN

One to One Counseling Package

*All package members pay 1/2 price
for seminars & discussions
Place: Online

[Standard Package]
Time: 10 hours
Fee: 260,000 YEN (26,000 yen/hour)
With Tax: 286,000 YEN

[Gold Package]
Time: 20 hours
Fee: 510,000 YEN (25,500 yen/hour)
With Tax: 561,000 YEN

[Platinum Package]
Time: 30 hours
Fee: 750,000 YEN (25,000 yen/hour)
With Tax: 825,000 YEN

[Premium Package]
Time: 40 hours
Fee: 980,000 YEN (24,500 yen/hour)
With Tax: 1,078,000 YEN